What makes BOSS Systems Entertainment different from other DJ companies?
We DJ full time. Many DJ Company’s or DJ people have other jobs or responsibilities (outside of "DJing"). Ask other DJ’s that you are considering: ASK: "What else do you do besides DJing?" The answers may surprise you. We don't do anything except Entertainment and production.
Our FOCUS is on your day. We have over a quarter of a century of full-time experience. You are celebrating this milestone, in your life, one time. We have entertained at once-in-a-life events like yours, for over 20 years. We will assist in making your special day everything that you have always dreamed of. WE are experts in the fun business.

Are you available for our date?
We only do one event a day. The very best DJ's don't advertise because they don't need to. The very best wedding professionals work on referrals (word-of-mouth). The very best wedding professionals (Caterers, Photographers, DJ's, Florists, Limousine companies, Hair and Make-up artists, Consultants, and Wedding coordinators) don't advertize much because they don't need to. The very best Wedding service providers are "booked" long before any others because of their reputations and track records. We suggest you hire the professional you want before someone else does.

I don't want a cheesy DJ. Can you hold the cheese?
Yes! We do not have a chicken hat. We do not lead the conga line. We do not do balloon art or face painting. If you want these services, we are not the Entertainment you are looking for. We do not do cheesy events.

Are you insured?
Yes. We gladly provide a copy of our insurance to you and your venue. Most venues that we regularly work at and have a relationship with have our insurance certificate. We will gladly provide the same to your venue if they don't have one. Some venues will not allow an un-insured DJ play at their place. Does your DJ have insurance? Many Caterers and locations will not let your DJ in the door without the proper insurance. We will gladly provide our Certificate of Liability Insurance to your venue if they don't already have one.

What music do you play?
The music you want. You will dictate the music we play. You provide us with the music selections that you want! We are experienced and trained to pick the music that your guests will respond to. This is our signature trademark. We read your crowd and respond to what they want! We play the music that makes all of your guests want to dance.

Does it (the music) have to be so loud?
No. We play the music you want at a comfortable volume and at the right time to get your guests dancing.

Can we request music?
We INSIST! We will play exactly the music you want, a comfortable level and at the right time, ensuring your guests will have fun.

Can our guests request music?
We generally stick to your request list but we will honor music requests from your Family and Friends with your blessing and permission.

Can we meet with you BEFORE our celebration/reception?
We insist! We can do this on the phone or in person or if you prefer, via email. We prefer a face-to face meeting. This makes sure that everything will be exactly what you envision, want and deserve, happens on your day.

Will you really play the music we want?
Absolutely! This is our GUARANTEE!

How much will our party cost?
All events are priced accordingly. Your date, location and desired services determine this. Call us for an estimate and how to save some money on entertainment for your special day.

What is your style?
We don't do anything cheesy (unless you strongly insist). We play the music that you want without the random "DJ" banter (talking) in-between songs and/or traditions. We know what works and what doesn’t. We will help you make your special day comfortably flow and be a success. This is your day, don’t forget.

How many years have you been in business?
We have been in business since 1984.

How many party's and receptions do you do each year?
We average about 28 weddings and 20 (other) events.

Why is there such a difference in prices for DJ's that I have contacted?
Because there is such a difference in DJs! Some DJ's just "dj" part time and have other jobs outside of the DJ business. Some are very good at DJing. Some are not good enough. Some must work elsewhere to sustain their hobby. This is not our hobby on the side. It is our Passion. Some DJ's have insurance and some don't. Some pay taxes and some don't. BOSS Systems Entertainment is a full time, full service, fully insured, licensed, and reputable company. We have been in the full time wedding business for over a quarter of a century.

Aren’t all DJ's the same?
Definitely NOT!

What makes BOSS Systems better than all the other DJ Company’s?
Our long list of Satisfied and Repeat customers speak to this. Ask for our references from Brides, grooms, and people just like you (and your Mom).

Do you provide a light show?
Yes. This is usually included. We don't necessarily have to provide lights but at night time events it is highly recommended.

Can you do a video picture montage like the one I recently saw at another event?
Yes. Sent us the pictures that you want to be included and we will include all of them on the montage (If you want).

What will you wear at our wedding?
We wear a tuxedo or an appropropriate suit with tie, shirt and jacket. We can customize this to your tastes. We will not “up-stage” the groomsmen or the groom or any guests of honor.

Can you do a tent wedding?
We often do. These events are awesome. With tent receptions, you have a lot of unique opportunities to make it your own.

Do you have a generator?
Yes (as necessary)

Do you have a chicken hat?

Will you dance with our guests and do balloon art and lead the conga line?
NO! If you want this, it will double the price. Few guests that come to your wedding want this. Do you really?!!

We spent way too much on our venue and my dress and our photographer already. Can you save us some money?
Yes. You do not have to over spend on the entertainment to have an awesome, fun, and unique Wedding. We will show you how. Just ask

Can we come to see you perform at another wedding?
We can show you a video but we cannot invite you to someone else’s wedding. We will not invite someone else to your special day. Your wedding is your day. We will not invite a prospective customer to your wedding day. Period.

Do you take breaks? How many?
We provide continues music from the time we set-up until the time we take down. (Unlike bands or other DJ’s) We do not take any breaks.

Do you bring back up equipment?
Yes. Always. We always have back-up everything at every event

Do we need a contract?
You want a contract and we provide one. Like all other aspects of your celebration, you want to have everything in writing.

How much of a retainer (deposit) do you require?
Typically about 20%.

We think we want to hire you. What do we do next?
We recommend meeting with ANY wedding professional that you want to hire for your special day. You would not “book” your venue or caterer or your florist or photographer before meeting and seeing them first. Call us to schedule a meeting to discuss all the important details of your magical day. This is priceless and the success of your special day may depend on it.

Can we talk more?
Yes! Call us at 845.687.2677 or email at info@djdjdj.com